Beware of the evil words!!!

Can books be evil? Will that crime thriller you got for Christmas light your house on fire after cooking meth in your bath tub and chasing the neighbourhood kids with your snowblower?

I would say no, but it seems there are people out there that are of a different opinion. “Mein Kampf” is back in print in Germany, and some people are horrified; Afraid of the written word, just like how Muslims seem to be afraid of cartoons and women.

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How the US is making hitmen obsolete

To get rid of someone you dislike in the US has never been easier. All you need to know is where the person is or will be, and three digits: 9-1-1. Here is the three-step guide to offing your nemesis for free:

Step 1: Call the police, and make up some bogus claim involving the person.

Step 2: Wait for the police to arrive.

Step 3: Profit.

Best of all, there will be no collateral damage and nobody can claim you were behind it. Don’t worry, the friendly officers that pull the trigger for you will not face any consequences either. After all, they are the law.

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Religion: Still washing brains clean from logic and critical thinking

We tend to refer to the current times as “modern“, and in many aspects that is a suitable term. Yet still, we have to battle superstition and ignorance from religious nuts that rank ancient books above scientific knowledge. A grand example is the lot that claim the theory of evolution is just a theory, demonstrating the lack of the knowledge you normally gain in elementary science class.

Although I don’t think that anybody that follows this blog would make this mistake, but just for the sake of completion let me point out that a scientific theory is not the same thing as a “normal” theory. In science, the term theory is used for something that has been repeatedly proven and explained.

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Tony Hawk 5: The new hope

This is good news for all you Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater fans out there! Robomodo, the developer of THPS5 has some good things in store for us! From what I’ve gathered, it seems the release-day patch (despite its size) was primarily to get the multiplayer part working, and now it is time for the actual content update!

Robomodo has mentioned new levels, hopefully more like the older games in the series, and new playable characters. This also includes fixing the gravity-defying slam to only do it’s thing when you double-tap the triangle button, something that should make grinding a bit less of a pain for THPS old-timers.

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The battle of the Free World

On Friday the 13th of November, cowards supporting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) initiated their attack on the free world that they despise resulting in almost hundreds killed and injured. This act of war has lead to numerous countries joining the effort to stop these monsters once and for all. Both the UK and Australia are considering joining the fight, as are Sweden and most of the European Union, if not with troops by providing reinforcements and materials to the forces already in place.

Sadly, following these horrific events the free world has also come under attack from leaders and politicians that claim encryption is the reason why these terrorists were able to plan their attacks without anybody noticing. The Swedish minister of state was ranting about how Skype provided encrypted communication (even though the NSA already got away with those cookies) while the US was crying about how modern cellphones are impossible to crack and how encrypted cellphones prevent law enforcement from doing their job:

“We, in many respects, have gone blind as a result of the commercialization and the selling of these devices that cannot be accessed either by the manufacturer or, more importantly, by us in law enforcement, even equipped with search warrants and judicial authority. This is something that is going to need to be debated very quickly because we cannot continue operating where we are blind.” – Bill Bratton, the New York Police Commissioner.

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