About Noccy

Who am I?

I’m Chris, from the dark woods of Sweden. I’m a software developer, maker/tinkerer and musician by day, and I fight against injustice and stupidity by night. Being a strong proponent of free speech I’m not much for political correctness nor social justice. I believe that civilized debates and logical thinking does much more for society than bans and made up words like microagressions and mansplaining.

Politically I’m somewhere in the middle of the scale, but I do not adhere to any labels. Political decisions should be based on facts and scientific consensus. It works… Bitches.

Matrix @noccy:matrix.org
Twitter @noccy80

Questions and Answers

Why are you making fun of X?
I’m making fun of everything worthy of making fun of. Let me rephrase that; if X involves stupidity, it is my right to point it out, and your duty to shut up and deal with it. Yup, that’s how free speech works.
Dude, you can’t fucking draw!
Tell me something I don’t know. My webcomics aren’t about being awesomely drawn, they are about situations, life, stupidity etc. You get the point.
But why?
Why not?
You are stupid!
Thanks, your father was a hamster and your mother smell of elderberries.
Sexiest part of the female body?
The brain!
Are you religious?
This should be obvious to most people, but anyway, no. I have nothing against religion as long as it doesn’t hinder human progress or interfere with other peoples lives. There is an old quote that kinda says it all — I got nothing against God, it is his fan-club I can’t stand.