Dear Special Snowflakes

This is an open letter to the special snowflakes at McMasters University. It is also aimed at PACBIC who released a crackpot statement about the event, demonstrating their lack of common sense and logical thinking. Before you activate your special victim superpowers the next time, a suggestion would be to listen and to actually understand the arguments first.

Watching the latest of Dr. Jordan Petersons talks, a few things became apparent. For starters, Dr. Peterson is a hero. I would even go as far as to say that he is the modern “Tank Man of Tiananmen Square” as he stand up against the tyranny of oppression, fueled by your illogical hate. And he is doing it without poisoning the debate; his arguments are on-topic, sensible and verifiable. When your crew of misfits try to cause disturbance, he keeps talking, maintaining a calm voice, and makes you appear as the infantile children you are.

It should be clear to anyone with at least half a brain that Dr. Peterson has got nothing against homosexuals, transsexuals, people of color, unicorns or anything else you are accusing him of. And this adds a lot to the confusion. Seeing you blurt out your nonsensical and logically flawed crap is like watching a bunch of drunk clowns that keep messing up their tricks. It’s not even funny, just sad.

It is obvious that our opinions differ. For example, some people get offended by the burning of a flag. Personally I don’t give a fuck about that. Flags are mass-produced tokens that symbolize a geographical region or a group. You want to burn a Swedish flag? Go ahead, the only thing you will gain from that is the word “moron” permanently attached to your forehead. My skin is thicker than that.

I was in power, the laws would smack down on book burning, and on individuals and groups trying to stop or hinder free speech and obliterate culture. Because that is the true hate-speech, dear snowflakes; the disgusting nonsense seeping from your echo chamber, fueled not by common sense, but a poisonous group mentality.

We live in a society where progression is powered by constructive argumentation. The different opinions are laid out, and then the various aspects are debated back and forth until a consensus is reached. And as long as there is a debate, someone is bound to be wrong.

But being wrong isn’t a bad thing. It is an opportunity to learn right. If you disagree with something, check the facts and go from there. The way you are acting right now, becoming loud obnoxious toddlers isn’t helping anyone, especially not the people you are trying to protect.

And also, for the record, someone telling you you are wrong is not rape, bullying, assault, microagressions or whatever you like to brand it. It is instead an indicator that you should do more research in order to either correct or explain your position.

You obviously don’t care who you hurt during your crusades, just like your friends in BLM and the other left-wing extremist marxist fail clubs. Stopping people from getting to work or school by preventing buses and cars to pass your little “checkpoints”, destroying the property of regular hard working people, and just not giving a fuck about anybody else is all okay with you as long as it is in the name of what you deem to be “the greater good”.

It’s stupid, and it’s fascist. And the people you claim to represent want nothing to do with you. But I guess you have a hard time hearing them over the crying and the cowbells.

If we truly want to become a better society, the path we take must be based on facts and actual arguments rather than whoever cries the loudest. And dear Snowflakes, crying is the only thing you ever do, which is nothing short of depressing. To be honest, what I’ve heard from you so far is seriously flawed. I wouldn’t go as far as to call your arguments flawed, as it would be a nonsensical statement. Because in all honesty, you don’t have any, or at least you haven’t presented any. The tantrums you keep yelling in order to silence free speech is not an argument.

As for you PACBIC morons, your statement makes me want to both laugh and cry at the same time. In the statement you write: “But freedom of speech doesn’t now, and hasn’t ever, meant that we can or should be able to say whatever we like in public spaces regardless of the impact of our speech on others.” Yes, it actually does. The literal definition is “the power or right to express one’s opinions without censorship, restraint, or legal penalty.” In contrast, chanting “kill all white people” isn’t an opinion, it is an incitement to violence, and thus hate-speech rather than free speech.

You also write: “Freedom of speech was also not conceived as a means to protect normative ideas from contestation [sic] by marginalized communities, but to protect those whose speech might actually contest normative or nationalist ideals from censure, punishment, or retaliation by state forces” which is a weird thing to say considering you aren’t really contesting anything. To the contrary, you refuse to even have a discussion and instead fall back on trying to censure Dr. Peterson and anyone else you disagree with, and in the process end up punishing the people that are attending the events.

To see this kind of bullshit from a university, a place where you are supposed to learn elementary things like this and cover the full scale of opinions is saddening. The introduction of safe spaces and handing over the “keys to the city” to the self-proclaimed oppressed minorities have ruined things gravely. Students of one of the most respected journalism schools in the UK voted to ban The Sun, Daily Mail and Express from campus as they in their opinion promote fascism… And in the Spiked 2017 Free Speech University Rankings, only 7 of 115 universities received a green ranking for having a hands-off approach to free speech. One university even banned a student organization from social media for pointing out the poor rating. There aren’t enough face palms in the world…

So, until the point where you have actual arguments to present, and those arguments stand up to scrutiny, please do society a favor and follow these suggestions: Drop your fascist crap, find a good psychologist, focus on your education, learn how to debate and argue, and help bring society forward rather than backward. Otherwise, please, put the cowbells back around your necks to give the rest of us a heads up when you are nearby.

Best wishes, and good luck with your “education.”