The only winning move is not to play

It is just starting to become clear just how fucked up the US elections was this year. Not that any election really is a bundle of happy ecstasy, but this one was something special.

Trumps motivation is obviously the same as it has always been; money. The names he has picked from his hat so far emphasize this. Just look at Myron Ebell, another climate change denier with a major in philosophy and no scientific education whatsoever.

This genius will be tasked with running the EPA while accepting money from the fossil fuel industry. Alas, the environment will go down the crapper together with net neutrality as their opinion is that the “motivations for having FCC has gone away.” It seems nothing is holy here, and every candidate so far has been the wrong candidate.

Even more frustrating is that Clinton would not have been much of a leader either. She is in support of net neutrality, but her views on security and technology are worrying to say the least. She not only ran her own unsecured e-mail server contrary to the regulations, but also lost a whole laptop in the mail. And she is as keen as Trump on blasting the country back a few decades in banning abortions. She is just better with the words. Its very unlikely that she would steer the ship toward the same kind of global disaster that Cpt. Trump is, but her opinions are scary and the trust in her by now is near nil.

And the supporters… The only sane people was the ones that didn’t join the madness. The “Trumpers” (ah you Brits must have had a blast so far) that have shown their faces have been mostly rednecks and imbeciles, beating up people and acting like grunts. The Clinton supporters were in turn so triggered by the outcome that they started crying, breaking windows, lighting streets on fire and even running onto a busy highway chanting “not our president” before one of them got hit by a car… I guess it is a good thing they didn’t pick the lion’s pit at the zoo as their venue of choice.

I do not envy you, America. Swedish politics is a disaster, but at least we have a modern and scientific view on abortions, gay marriage and climate. We could probably do better without the “feminist government” shoving money into things like snow plowing and glorified gender study authorities, but it’s still a far cry from the ignorance that is brewing around the White House.

It’s like War Games, the only winning move is to not play.

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