Hey Samsung, don’t you use your own stuff or are you just lazy?

I recently upgraded from a 2012 Samsung Smart-TV to a 2015 model. Both are amazing machines with great picture quality and a lot of apps and awesomeness inside. The upgrade however feels more like a downgrade at times. I am pretty much consistently able to break the device in various ways through the most silly methods.

A little background on how I use it; I don’t have an aerial connected, so the “TV” part is unused. Connected is a PS4, a Raspberry Pi, and a desktop computer all over HDMI. The RPi is my main method of consuming media, and the YouTube app is frequently used as well. I also use HDMI-CEC (AnyNet) to control everything with the TV-remote. All of this worked great on the 2012 model, but the 2015 one isn’t playing along as well.

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Tony Hawk 5: Soaring like a hawk or diving like a rock?

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 was released on the 2nd of October in Europe. With initial reviews calling it “a dumpster fire on wheels” and videos on YouTube showing off a ton of not so flattering bugs I must say that I trusted in the power of the patch. It indeed landed on release, weighing in at 7GB with the game being a modest 4GB. So what’s the deal? Is it worth buying?

The answer is both yes and no, it all depends on what your expectations are. I started beating the crap out of THPS on the PlayStation back in 1999, and have ollied, flipped, and grinded my way through THPS2, THPS3, THPS4, as well as the Tony Hawks Underground 1 and 2 (THUG, THUG2), Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (THPG), Tony Hawk’s Project 8 (THP8), Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (THAW), and Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam (THDJ). And I love them all, each for its own, and as such I was obviously hoping to see my favorite parts of those fused together to create THPS5.

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#IStandWithBaharMustafa (I’m with stupid)

The most excellent thing has happened. Bahar Mustafa, the Welfare and Diversity Officer that tweeted the #KillAllWhiteMen hashtag and told white men to stay away from her events has been charged with hate-speech.

There is a Swedish proverb, “Den som gräver en grop åt andra, faller ofta själv däri“, roughly translated to English as “The one digging a pit for others, tend to end up in it.” – this is a grand example. As feminists want to censor the web from the big bad men tweeting awful messages, a feminist tweeting awful messages at men gets arrested for the stuff they want to censor. So I must admit, I can’t help but to smirk a little. The irony.

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