Type: Utility OS/Platform: Linux (PHP 5.6+) License: GPL 3.0 Status: n/a

ScreenGrab makes it really easy to do screencaptures on Linux! You can capture the current window, full screen or any window you select by clicking it. It requires phpffmpeg, and xdotool to work.

Capturing video

To capture the current window at 30 fps to file.mp4:

screengrab -c -r30 -ofile.mp4

Capture the whole screen downscaled to 50% at 1 fps, like for a timelapse:

screengrab -f -s50% -oscreen.mp4 -r1

Capturing to .gif

ffmpeg lets you output animated .gif files, which is awesome! Use a command line like this to capture a window of your choosing at 2fps after giving you 3 seconds to select the window:

screengrab -o out.gif -r 2 -d 3 -s

For example, here is asciiquarium recorded from a terminal:

Installing Screengrab

  1. Download the executable from the link at the bottom of this page. You might need to right-click and choose save as.
  2. Open a new terminal, navigate to the folder where you downloaded the installer and make it executable (chmod +x screengrab), then move it to a suitable location such as ~/bin.