Type: Utility OS/Platform: Linux/*nix (PHP 5.6+) License: GPL 3.0 Status: Beta

What is Hotfix?

Hotfix is a tool to apply signed hotfixes to a system. Hotfixes are scripts that can perform tasks such as download and build applications from source, configure the system, or fix issues.

Installing Hotfix

  1. Download the installer from the link at the bottom of this page.
  2. Open a new terminal, navigate to the folder where you downloaded the installer and make it executable (chmod +x, then run it (./
  3. If the hotfix command is not available (try typing hotfix and press enter) you simply need to close and reopen your terminal.

Applying a Hotfix

  1. If you haven’t already, download the public key file of the person who created and signed the hotfix(es) you are going to apply. Instructions should be at the same place where the hotfix was found. Import the key (gpg –import keyfile.asc)
  2. If you downloaded the hotfix to disk, apply it using hotfix apply file.fix.signed
  3. If the hotfix is available online, you can use the URL, or follow the instructions for the specific hotfix.

DownloadInstaller | New installer | Executable (right-click and save as)

Useful fixes:

  • noccy:install-processing – Install the latest version of
  • noccy:install-spotify – Install Spotify and ppa on Ubuntu and Debian derivatives